Third time's the charm!

This is actually my third attempt to start my own business.

The first was back in 1998 when the internet was like the wild west, it was awesome if you had the ability to understand and exploit it. If you didn't you paid someone who knew how to do it for you.

I started selling my modified toys on Ebay, but after a few thousand in sales Ebay called me and pretty much told me I had to sell something else or lose my account.

It seemed that several people didn't feel as though completely altering the appearance of a retail product was good enough to get around copyright and trademark laws, (which it is actually).

These users flagged my account as illegal forcing me to leave Ebay forever.

bare in mind this was 1998, ebay thought of themselves as "respectable" and ignorant people would flag anything they found offensive on the internet, regardless of actual legality.

A place like etsy.com didn't exist in those days, so my awesome toys went back into oblivion.

My second attempt was a website site that drop shipped SMC products, it was an expensive and pitiful failure, I payed over $300 to a nerd to keep my website on his server. and the product being sold were like the crap you see huddled around a shell station check out counter.

Light up phone chargers, knock off designer bling, glass pipes etc. It was all cheap crap no one wanted to buy at any price.
after four months i couldn't afford to keep the site up.

I worked for the man for ten years to support my family after my father died and I finally had to quit because it was killing me slowly.

So i started to drive for Uber then one of my fares got me on the subject of model making and I told him what I used to do with my old toys. He said you need to sell that stuff on Etsy.com.

I looked into it and they had a few other prop makers on the site doing what I used to and making money at it.

I opened my shop over the Christmas rush of 2015 and sales sky rocketed to the point I had to increase my fabrication time to catch up.

Due to my success I was able to increase my productivity by buying a large 3D printer and I'm currently designing 3D printed item right now (1/28/2016).

3-D printed items are super trendy and last forever as well as look amazing.

Update: As of 4-13-16 I now have two 3-D printers working 24/7 making awesome Division agent gear and I'm looking for a small office space to rent for a studio space/workshop.

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